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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
2015-16 Board of Officers
2015-16 LOOM Board of Officers

Administrator - John McCauley
Governor - Johnny Dallas
Jr. Governor - Allen Moyer
Jr. Past Governor - Edwin Judd
Treasurer - Warren Weaver
Prelate - Willie Mauck
1st Year Trustee - Dwayne Mitchell
2nd Year Trustee - Doug Pettit
3rd Year Trustee - Steve Paxton
Sgt. at Arms - Steve Michalek
Inner Guard - Bo Norris
Outer Guard - Tyler Gray

2015 WOTM Board of Officers

Senior Regent - Debbie Turner
Jr. Regent - Susan Henry-Wilson
Secretary/Treasure - Carol Griffin
Recorder - Irene Sommers
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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The new board has made it through the first quarter of 2015 and things have really turned around. The lodge has come a long way over the past few months and it is because of the hard work and dedication by many of our members and staff. We have been blessed to have the help of Steve Turner act as our maintenance man and jack-of-all-trades. Steve was responsible for building our Tiki bar and upgrading the picnic area. (Check out the pictures on Facebook at Luray Moose)
Because our Lodge has been successful this year we have been able to meet our financial obligations which is a huge blessing. We have had attendance at all required functions and our donations to Moose Charities have been increasing.
All of this is possible because of the members and I would like to thank all of you for your generous contributions and continued support to this fine Lodge.
Thank you.

John McCauley
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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